Curiosity Kills the Cat

Link to Work: Link 1 
Age: 12 and up
Type: Interactive fiction
Language: English
Platform: PC/Windows

Mentor: Interactive Media and Game Division, School of Cinematic Arts, MFA program

Mentee: You Liang

Additional Authors: Sanketh Bhat - Programmer, Zisu Yang - Artist 

Short Description: Being a cat and walk into a 2d interactive narrative mystery about a missing case in the Nordic region.

Longer Description: Curiosity Kills The Cat is a 2d interactive mystery story. The player will play a role as a cat to find out what happened to the scientist father of the 12-years-old blinded girl in a Nordic freezing small town.

Mentoring Context: As we created this game, we kept asking ourselves a question. That is whether our experiences, such as judgments about something and someone, are objective and true over time. People tend to trust their own subjective judgments and experiences, and this habit carries the risk of misjudging the actual situation. In the game, we try to let the player carefully play the kitty, triggering from her point of view, to discover a story and finally fill the story with a player's own inner ending through his own imagination.

Bios: Sanketh Bhat (Programmer/Designer), Zisu Yang, (Artist/Designer), You Liang, (Producer/Designer). All team members are current MFA student of Interactive Media and Game Division, School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California.