Electric Hebrew

Link to Work: Link 1
Age: Any age
Type: poetry generator
Language: Hebrew
Platform: Python and Javascript

Mentor: Eyal Gruss

Mentee: Eden Azoulay

Roles & Additional Authors: Eden was a resident artist at Haflogger mini-residency. Mentored by Eyal running the residency. Technical assistance: Eran Geva 

Short Description: A poetic and conceptual journey through the zeitgeist. 

Longer Description: מעבר גבול / לחצות גבולות / גבולות ברורים / כללים חדשים / חוקים בסיסיים / אינם קיימים / באזורים שונים

Border Crossing / Crossing Borders / Clear Boundaries / New Rules / Basic Laws / Don't Exist / Else Where

A poetic and conceptual journey through the zeitgeist.

In this work we generalized neural word-embeddings to represent two-word Hebrew expressions. Our poem generator traverses this space of expressions to create thematic sequences which sometimes form a narrative poem. We chose to explore themes of travel and nomadism in a world of closed borders. The journey formed by the chain of free associations chosen by the AI, can be interpreted as an "electric stream of consciousness" or "automatic-automatic writing". We find this original and potentially infinite feed of generated expressions to be of poetic quality. The installation shows a live visualization of the text with electric-like aesthetics of Zalgo animation. This was exhibited in a group exhibition at Eilat's old air terminal, writing a stream of non-stop poetry on a 15 meter wide wall for three months. link to artwork: https://eyalgruss.com/autoautow 

Mentoring Context: Haflogger is a mini-residency for new-media artist by Hashot (https://j.mp/hashot) - A newsletter and database for new-media open calls and opportunities. Eyal Gruss is running both, and Haflogger has already hosted 3 mini-residencies with creators who produced new works using machine learning for theater, poetry and typography. Eden Azoulay was the second resident and a summary of here work may be found here: https://eyalgruss.com/eden , the technology she developed was used in this collaboration to create Electric Hebrew.

Bios: Dr. Eyal Gruss (eyalgruss.com) is a new-media artist and machine learning researcher. He holds a PhD in physics, and is a Talpiyot graduate. Eyal creates poetry, interactive installations, computer generated art, algorithmic poetry, audio-visual performances, AI art and online interventions. Eyal runs a new-media opportunities newsletter and hosts a mini-residency for new-media artists interested in AI. Eyal teaches computational creativity for designer in WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education and Holot Institute of Technology. Eyal’s works were exhibited in Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem, Bat-Yam Museum, Herzelia Museum for contemporary arts, Meter-Al-Meter festival, Ars-Electronica festival, Print Screen festival, Fresh Paint festival, Karov theater, DLD in Tel-Aviv, SVA in New York, Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum, Midarom Festival, Utopia Festival, and the internet, to name a few. website: https://eyalgruss.com Eden Azoulay is a classical musician specializing in keyboard instruments and the Baroque era, she is a programmer, an artist and studies music and math in Tel-Aviv university.

People standing in front of the projection of the Electric Hebrew
An animated GIF of Electric Hebrew