The title of Luck

Link to Work: Link 1
Age: 18 and up
Type: The file is a GIF. It can be downloaded and viewed without any special software. It can also be hosted with a website or loaded into a Powerpoint or other software.
Language: English
Platform: Digital Poem

Mentor: Jessica Pressman

Mentee: Brent Ameneyro

Short Description: "Luck" is a digital poem in the form of a 35 second looping GIF that explores the issues and challenges related to the pandemic and the US and Mexico border.

Longer Description: As the pandemic ebbs and flows, as we redefine public space, accessibility, travel, and many aspects of modern life, we are forced to continually redefine how we move about the world. Every country has varying access to vaccines and healthcare, and every country is managing this mass tragedy differently. In Mexico, there has been an increase in unjust policing, including the murder of thirty year old Giovanni López who was killed by police outside of his own home for not wearing a mask. Many Mexicans also rely on access to the United States for their livelihood and to reunite with family, and the pandemic had devastating effects on them. The pandemic has also allowed policymakers to further restrict migrants seeking refuge from crossing the border. In the piece, there is a line that grows gradually, signifying the increasing oppression of the border. Original text written by the author flashes alongside fragmented excerpts from news articles. E-lit challenges literary aesthetics and constantly challenges conceptual “borders,” and this aspect allows the form to complement the content. 

Mentoring Context: Dr. Jessica Pressman introduced E-Lit to me during her English-560 Electronic Literature course in Spring 2020. Currently I am working closely with her as San Diego State University's first ever E-Lit Programs Assistant, a position she helped to create for me as a graduate student in the MFA program. She has been guiding me through the world of E-Lit, not only by pointing me toward new and exciting works, but by helping me to connect with other local universities, literary journals, and members within the community. 

Bios: Brent Ameneyro’s poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Alaska Quarterly Review, The Journal, Qu,, Azahares, Hispanic Culture Review, and elsewhere. He has been the recipient of the following awards: 2019 Sarah B. Marsh Rebelo Excellence in Poetry, 2020 San Miguel Poetry Week Fellowship, and the 2021 SRS Research Award for Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice. His e-lit projects include a Twitter bot that generates a new micro poem every hour, a PC interactive poem/video game, and a poetry short film currently being featured at film festivals around the world. For more, visit Jessica Pressman is a Professor of English and Comparative Literature at San Diego State University, where she co-founded SDSU’s Digital Humanities Initiative. She is the author of Bookishness: Loving Books in a Digital Age (Columbia UP, 2020), Digital Modernism: Making It New in New Media (Oxford University Press, 2014), co-author, with Mark C. Marino and Jeremy Douglass, of ReadingProject: A Collaborative Analysis of William Poundstone’s Project for Tachistoscope {Bottomless Pit} (University of Iowa Press, 2015). Her full CV can be found at

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