Marinated Guide to Game Making

Link to Work: Link 1
Age: 18 and up
Type: Interactive graphic novel, Interactive fiction, Hypertext
Language: English
Platform: Web

Mentors: Casey Reas, Lauren Lee McCarthy, and Danny Snelson

Mentee: Michael Luo

Short Description: A Twine game as a graphic novel as a manifesting manifesto against existing game design principles.

Password: coolpassword (to access)

Marinated Guide to Game Making is a manifesto disguised as a graphic novel disguised as a Twine game. The source of the writing is pulled from popular game design fundamentals books that's being taught at every major video games program. They often have contradicting, controversial, and often down-right misogynistic claims, and demand games to be made a certain way. The goal of this Marinated Guide is to manifest a manifesto using the industry's standard rules, and subverting them with ironic, sarcastic drawings and a labyrinth of interactions. Through this subversion, the core ideology of this piece will emerge: anyone can and should make any game or media they wish, without being confined by meaningless, self-contradicting rules.

Mentoring Context: This project was done under tutorials with Casey Reas, Lauren Lee McCarthy, and Danny Snelson. All artists I highly respect. They provided valuable references, critiques, and inspirations for the work.

Bios: Michael Luo is a game maker & artist. Born as an anchor baby in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and grew up in Southwestern China, he spends his time making computer games based on hunches about diaspora, hallucination, vulgarity, crudeness, roughness, and anything else that doesn't fit with the gamer culture. He seeks to confuse, provoke, and undermine the status quo by making short, eccentric, mildly interesting projects. He also promises that there will be no armored knights in his work.

lowly game designed with caption "can my idea make millions?"
Equality 4 Women sign propped up by a helmet