Mrs. Wobbles & The Tangerine House

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Age: 7+up
Type: interactive fiction
Language: English, Spanish
Platform: Browser

Mentor: Mark Marino

Mentee: Genevieve and Dayveon Marino

Roles & Additional Authors: The Marinos developed the text. Papa wrote the code.

Short Description: a series of interactive stories set in a magical foster care home.

Longer Description:  These interactive fiction tales follow the lives of various foster children living in the magical foster care home known as the Tangerine House (for its bright orange color).  As they go on various wild adventures, their true challenge involves confronting their own trauma they have suffered. One of the tales, Switcheroo, has been translated into Spanish by María Goicoechea de Jorge. 

Mentoring Context: Papa (aka Mark) began to create the stories and soon was reading the beginnings to hs kids and inviting their input. Now with 6 made so far, they have been shaping the stories together even directing their own (Genevieve in "The Land Down Under" and Dayveon in "Action Figures").  

Bios: The Mrs. Wobbles tales are written by the Marino family, including Mark C. Marino and his two children.  Mark is a writer and scholar of electronic literature, teaching at the University of Southern California.  Mark has written for video games, Disney, theater, and various online entertainments.   He is the Director of Communication of the Electronic Literature Organization. (portfolio here:  His children are his talented collaborators, co-authors, and confederates in wanderings of the imagination.   As a forever (adoptive) family, the Marinos are spreading the word about foster care and adoption.

Screenshot from Mrs. Wobbles