Textf from Prisongenix on a black screen

Link to Work: Link 1
Age: Any age
Type: Interactive Fiction
Language: English
Platform: Python/Trinket

Mentor: Filip Potočki

Mentees: Kristijan Igrec and Luka Malvić Jurak 

Short Description: A work of electronic literature that guides your escape from prison and finding your past.

Longer Description: Prisongenix, an interactive fiction work, was created when an Informatics class in elementary school inspired two students to use the knowledge of if-elif-else statement in Python for decision-making. The story they created requires the reader to actively decide upon the faith of the main character. Since the main character of the story carries your name, you become the main character. In that way you lead you own way out of the prison, as the character, and as an active reader stuck in the prison of digital decision making.

Mentoring Context: Kristijan Igrec and Luka Malvić Jurak are former students of Većeslav Holjevac Elementary School in Zagreb, Croatia. With their professor of Informatics, Filip Potočki, as their mentor, they created a work of electronic literature using the knowlege of coding in Python taught in school.

Bios: Kristijan Igrec, born in 2006, currently an electronics student at the Tehnical School Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb, Croatia. Pastime music enthusiast, gamer and pianist. Storywriter and programmer of „Prisongenix“.

Luka Malvić Jurak, born in 2006, currently a student of programming at the Tehnical School Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb, Croatia. Pastime car enthusiast, gamer and programmer. Storywriter and programmer of „Prisongenix“. 

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