The Cat with a Hundred Eyes

screen grab from the piece feat. 3D fantastic cat

Link to Work: Link
Age: Any age
Type: VR Storybook -- multibrush
Language: English
Platform: Multibrush VR 

Mentee: Stella-Charles Fisher

Roles & Additional Authors: Wallace Edwards - 3d models and illustrations for Multibrush VR, VR tutorials and design, interactivity design, co-creation facilitator/ Stella-Charles Fisher, 3D illustration for VR, poetry, video editing 

Short Description: A family team of uncle and niece co-created VR art together during the pandemic and this piece recreates their most literary experiment: a fable of a blind cat in search of eyes hidden inside a co-created series of sculptures whose interiors hide small texts. 

Longer Description: The Cat with a Hundred eyes is a dark fable set in a VR Storybook with visual co-created inside Multibrush VR by Wallace Edwards and Stella-Charles Fisher with story written by Stella-Charles Fisher.

“This is the story of the blind cat with a hundred eyes. The young blind cat was quiet. He sat in rooms for hours before anyone realized he was there. He was a watcher, and he preferred it that way. […]“It was then the young blind cat revealed his payment: her eyes. Unmoved by the spider’s fear, the young blind cat plucked her eight eyes out and left the spider with her web.The young blind cat placed his new-found eyes along his back, the better to see in many new directions. “

In the VR environment the user can navigate the environment and text in multiple ways, inhabiting the fantastical, expansive world of the Cat with a hundred Eyes. For this webversion we will capturing video of a director’s cut ‘fly-through’ of the experience.

(Please note that the screen captures submitted here are from some of our earlier experiments, but reflective of the general style of the work. These images will be incorporated as easter eggs into the recreation). 

Mentoring Context: Wally and Stella are family: uncle and niece who live 200 km apart in Canada. During the pandemic they were unable to visit each other in person, but both had Quest headsets and decided to meet regularly inside Multibrush VR – a co-creation environment where they could make art together, catch up and improve their skills. At the time, Wallace was the recipient of a grant from the Canada Council to teach and share virtual reality real-time creation tools and Stella became one of his key beta-testers. Stella created her first VR pieces with Wallace’s help and this submission represents one of many pieces of VR elit Wallace and Stella created together during the pandemic. 

Bios: Wallace Edwards is a painter, illustrator and the award-winning author of over a dozen books for children. His first book Alphabeasts, published in 2002, won the Governor General’s Award (GG) for Children’s Book Illustration. He has exhibited in solo and group gallery shows and paintings by Wallace Edwards can be found in private and public collections throughout the world. In 2014, Wallace was selected for a Canada Council supported New Media Artist Residency held at the Future Cinema Lab at York University where he created his first work in Augmented and Virtual Reality. He continues to work in immersive media and has since exhibited his new media work internationally, including an augmented reality pop-up book at ELO Porto. Most recently he was awarded a Canada Council grant to improve both Canadian artists' and the wider public’s access, engagement and participation in virtual reality real-time creation tools and advance an inclusive vision for VR's future as an expressive technology.

Stella-Charles Fisher is a grade 11 student at Elmwood School in Ottawa, Canada. A Believe Initiative National finalist for her remixed game initiative Games for Growth and an artist who experiments with many mediums, she has been recently commissioned through the City of Ottawa’s Diversity in the Arts Fund and the Canadian center for Gender and Sexual Diversity to contribute to a project called "Together In Time." The Cat with a Hundred eyes is her first VR storybook.

another fantastic cat
a stack of 3 horrified faces