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Age: 12 and up
Type: interactive poetry, circular poetry, hiperpoetry
Language: English, Spanish
Platform: web

Mentor: Jose Aburto

Mentees: K-12, College Teachers

Short Description: Poetic writing workshop for disaggregated media

Longer Description: The possibilities of experimental poetry, especially electronic poetic work, amplifies the expressive tools of the literary author, giving him the possibility of freeing himself from the limits of linearity typical of the classic book. The workshop is an introduction to some non-linear writing techniques developed specifically for poetic texts. These writing techniques can be used for different media such as programming, physical computing, sculpture, installation, concrete poetry etc. This variety of supports will be analyzed and then the participant will be able to explore, through their own language and expressive intention, the basic writing resources for its realization.

Mentoring Context: Present the writing techniques in tables for the creation of poetic environments where the linearity of the classic text is broken but preserving the sense of general semantics and the possibility of coherent syntax through the different permutations generated by the interaction. At the end of the workshop, the participant will have put into practice a series of new writing resources that will allow them, with practice, to generate combinatorial, deconstructive, spatial or procedural poems.

Bios: Experimental poet with more than 20 years of constant work in different formats, supports and writing methods that reinterpret the poetic work from his own perspective: interactive, technological and personal. Whether as a teacher, cultural promoter, artist or professional communicator, his work has been dedicated to exploring the possibilities of the digital world and its impact on the forms of expression related to language. He has participated in exhibitions and workshops in Mexico, the US, Portugal, Bolivia, Canada, Norway and Peru. his work can be seen at

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