The Doll Shop 

Link to Work: Link
Age: 12 and up
Type: horror game

Mentor: Atelier Sentô

Mentee: Cécile Brun & Olivier Pichard

Short Description: A water color video game.

Longer Description: Doll Shop is a free adventure game written and designed by Atelier Sentô (formed by Cécile Brun & Olivier Pichard), based on memories of their life in the Japanese countryside. Half romance, half horror, it lets the reader discover the life of a young man working as a doll maker, who lives in the Japanese countryside. It's hard winter in the mountains and everything is slow and faint until a new girl arrives in the isolated village. She's back in her hometown and she's like a sunshine in the young man's life. Unfortunately, a terrible, unresolved crime is still weighing over the village...

Mentoring Context: The graphics were hand-painted with watercolors by students, in 3 days (January 10, 12 and 13, 2018), during a workshop at ECV art school in Bordeaux, France.

Bios: The Atelier Sentô is a French duo (Cécile Brun & Olivier Pichard).