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Age: All Ages
Type: Database
Language: Spanish, English, French, German
Platform: Web, browser

Mentor: María Goicoechea 

Roles & Additional Authors: In this project, the following members of the LEETHI research group have participated: Begoña Regueiro Salgado (Principal Researcher), Amelia Sanz, Pilar García Carcedo, María Goicoechea de Jorge, Miriam Llamas and Laura Sánchez Gómez. For the development of Tropos, we have worked in collaboration with the ILSA group and particularly with Joaquín Gayoso.

Short Description: A repository of digital creative writing by students with guidelines for teachers to reuse their experiences.

Longer Description: Tropos is a Digital Creative Writing Library that aims to systematize a methodology for learning literature through writing in an area well known to our students: the Internet. With this we aim to combine the didactic advantages of the so-called "routine pedagogy" by Gubern and the creativity of our students, so that, from a practice that we consider highly motivational, they themselves are protagonists in their learning. Each of the objects presented here is accompanied by a didactic sheet in which all its possibilities as a didactic object are noted and some guidelines are offered to facilitate its reusability, so that they are not only useful for the students who have developed the works, but for any primary, secondary or university teacher who will find here ideas and proposals to enrich their teaching practice.

Bios: For years, the LEETHI Group (SPANISH AND EUROPEAN LITERATURES FROM TEXT TO HYPERMEDIA) has focused its research on digital humanities and the integration of new technologies in the learning of literature. Thus, we have worked on how to bring literature to virtual teaching spaces, on the teaching of digital literature, on screen reading, etc. Now, we are ready to take the next step: experiences with e-writers. Within the framework of the Projects for Innovation and Improvement of Teaching Quality (PIMCD) of the Complutense University, we have developed TROPOS to present the experiences of digital creative writing that we have carried out with our students at the Complutense University of Madrid.