You & CO2

You & CO2 

Link to Work: Link 1, Link 2
Age: Any
Type: Twine
Language: English, Welsh
Platform: Web (HTML)

Mentor: Lyle Skains

Mentee: YCO2 Students (Anonymous)

Additional Authors: Jennifer Rudd, Ruth Horry, Helen Ross

Short Description: You & CO2 is a climate change education program integrating reading and writing interactive digital narratives to effect positive attitude and behavior change regarding climate change.

Longer Description: "No World 4 Tomorrow" is the interactive digital narrative (Twine game) designed for the You &  CO2 climate change education program. A small population of adventuring residents in a lunar colony with very limited resources cope with losing their connection to their parent society on Earth. The player-character navigates the fallout of dwindling resources and a fragmenting community by making choices about not only individual actions, but also society’s actions. As such, this narrative parallels real-world options about individual carbon footprints, as well as the path of activism that aims to affect wider society’s actions regarding climate change.

Mentoring Context: Students on the You & CO2 workshops create their own digital fictions on the theme of climate change, guided by teachers and project-hosted tutorials. At the end of the third workshop, we ask them to submit their games to the project, so we can see what sort of themes and facts they’ve picked up over the course of the workshops. Because our workshops are only 1-2 hours long, many students have not yet completed their games by the time they submit, but we invite them to re-submit when they have finished.  

Bios: This project is conducted by Dr Jennifer Rudd in the School of Management at Swansea University, Dr Lyle Skains at Bournemouth University, Dr Ruth Horry in the Department of Psychology at Swansea University, and Dr Helen Ross at Helen’s Place. "No World 4 Tomorrow" was designed and created by Lyle Skains.